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The Principles of Successful Merchandising

1. Infrastructure. Consider what stations, transport, office and residential buildings are close by store.

2. Geometry. Bear in mind that not all stores are rectangular, and allocate space more efficiently.

3. Store passes. They should be comfortable.

4. Entrance. Start information and navigation of customers right at the entrance to the store, place promotional materials in baskets and carts.

5. Commodity nomenclature. Study demand and seasonality, interrogate customers and adapt the commodity nomenclature.

6. Physiology. Please note that visitors are usually looking to the right and to the left by 90 degrees.

7. Audio. Include sound advertising.

8. Perspective. Examine the look of the goods if they are approached from different angles.

9. Logic. Try logic merchandise, perhaps many customers will be easier to navigate.

10. Timeliness. Report any discounts and sales on the trading floor, rather than at the cash register.

11. No gigantism. Do not try to make the huge piles of goods.

12. Compatibility. Group the same items, such as lemons and honey, olives and anchovies.

13. No originality. Do not place condoms close by baby food.

14. Move slowly. Customers quickly get used to merchandising. So if you need to move something, do it slowly.