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The Main Problems of Merchandising

1. Lack of planning

You must synchronize the actual data on the delivery of goods and the merchandiser's plan. Often merchandisers are faced with a lack of goods.

2. Inefficiency of merchandiser's route

A detailed study of sales usually indicates that the merchandiser would visit the shops less frequently. The merchandiser's route should be planned carefully, paying attention to the fact that neighboring shops can strongly influence consumer demand in a particular shop.

3. Wrong HR practice

You should avoid spontaneous HR. It is necessary to select marchandisers in depth. It is believed that supermarkets are ideal for women aged 30+ years, and hypermarkets - for students who will be able to withstand the heavy workload.

4. Merchandisers mismanagement

In many companies merchandisers suffer from poor training, inattention and improper tasking.

5. Lack of trained merchandisers

4-hour training is necessary for merchandisers. But due to the high staff turnover many companies pay little attention to training.

6. "Exclusive" merchandiser

Many merchandisers frequently work on your business rivals. This leads to poor merchandising, and companies lose up to 35% of profits.

7. Lack of flexibility

It is necessary to continuously optimize business processes, including merchandising. These rules dictate the modern economy.