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The Centre of Outsourcing is Planned to Launch in Russia

In the upcoming years, a non-commercial center of outsourcing will be launched in Russia. The director of the Financial Research Institute, Vladimir Nazarov, presented this idea.

Russian Center of Outsourcing will help the customers and the contractors to find each other, compose the contract, provide it with proper funds and get all necessary advice. The Center is intended to open the prospects of outsourcing to small businesses and state-governed enterprises and provide them with support in order to realize these prospects. The promotion events will also be held to popularize outsourcing methods.

The main aim of creating of the Russian Center of Outsourcing is to minimize expenses and raise efficiency. One of the following institutions will provide support for the Center: Russian Academy of National Wealth and State Service, “OPORA Rossii (Russian Support)”, The Institute of Gaidar, Russian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, “Delovaya Russia (Business Russia)”, or The Chamber of Commerce and Industry.