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Sources of Recruitment

There are different methods and sources of recruitment.

1. Websites for employers and job seekers.

2. Communities on social networks. It is important to evaluate the interest of target audience and then to find required community.

3. Special forums and message boards.

4. Print media. There are media entirely dedicated to the publication of job vacancies and CVs. Besides, there are listings of jobs on business press.

5. The State Employment Bureau. This is a traditional method to find a job or an employee.

6. Job fair. It is not very popular, but rather an efficient source of recruitment. By participating in job fairs, the employer can assemble a database of various experts, even if the company doesn't have any job vacancy.

7. Conferences, seminars and exhibitions. At such events key specialists meet each other.

8. Recruitment agencies. They offer employers to buy their databases. Their main advantage is that the database contains detailed information about job seekers.

9. Business rivals (headhunting). You can lure the future employee from other firms.

10. College. You can find talented students and invitate them for an internship with the opportunity of further employment.

11. Personal connections and acquaintances. Your colleagues and friends can help you in searching for an employee.

12. The word of mouth (references).