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Sales Auxiliary and It’s Role in Merchandizing

Sales auxiliary, obviously, is an important element of advertising. It has a strong influence on the customer. First, this equipment concentrate customer`s attention. At this stage, the aim is to make the customer stay near the product. Second, it has to provoke customer`s interest. If the product is well presented, the customer will observe it more thoroughly. Third, it has to make the customer desire to buy the product. It must demonstrate the advantages of the product to make a positive impression and a spontaneous desire to buy an item.

Moreover, finally sales auxiliary has to stimulate the customer`s action – for example, to buy several pieces of the products to use a seasonal option, or to buy a product with a complementary gift. Monitors, turnstile stands, promotion tables and other types of equipment can serve for this.

Therefore, sales auxiliary serves not only for correct placement of the products, but for their promotion as well.