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Robot vs. HR-manager

Researchers stated that robots can recruit staff better than HR-managers. The report of the American National Bureau of Economic Research said that HR-managers are often subject to decisions under the influence of subjective opinion about a person.

The researchers examined the work of 15 recruiting companies that specialize in the recruitment of low-skilled employees. Applicants answer questions of the specially designed test that determine not only their professional skills, but also personal qualities.

All test results were divided into several categories by color. The most suitable candidates were marked as green, an average level - yellow, but quite inappropriate profiles were red. Then the data were transferred to HR-managers who had to make decisions interviewing the applicants. They had the opportunity to accept the candidates from the red list.

Next, the researchers monitored the work of 300 000 employees hired in this way. The study proved that weak candidates who had got a job due to the HR-managers worked less efficiently and left the service more quickly than candidates from the "green" category.

Thus, the American researchers recommend to confide more in the results of automated tests than in the personal opinion of the HR-managers.