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Recruitment Strategies

Professional HR-managers use different approaches for recruitment. It is necessary to clearly understand what qualities the applicant should have for a particular job.

There are 4 recruitment strategies:

  1. Recruiting. This method is used to search for workers and mid-level professionals. Most often recruitment is held among those candidates who are planning to change jobs or are unemployed at the moment.
  2. Exclusive search. This method is used for a focused selection of candidates. It is necessary in cases where you need to find a key employee. Most often the exclusive search is used to search for managers and their assistants.
  3. Headhunting. This strategy is a kind of the exclusive search when the company needs a concrete specialist and HR-managers tend to lure him from other firms. Headhunting is a long and important process. First, you need to gather as much information about the candidate and pre-start its "recruitment". Most often this method is used to attract top-managers.
  4. Preliminaring is an invitation of students and young professionals for an internship with the opportunity of further employment.

Choosing one of the strategies you must take into account many factors. Currently the preliminaring is gaining popularity. It requires training resources, but it helps to put ambitious applicants into a strong team.