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Popular Recruitment Methods

There is no ideal recruitment method. It depends on a company and a job. However, there are some common recruitment methods.

Formal Data Collection

Studying the applicant's CV, HR-manager collects data about his education, work experience, and other information. It is impossible to make a psychological portrait at this stage. But it is possible to assess the applicant's competence or creativity.


At this stage, the HR-manager can get a lot of information about the applicant, including his psychological type and personality.

Traditionally, the structure of the interview consists of several stages:

Interview formats:


The test may include not only the questions answering on which you must choose one of the variants. But the HR-manager should make the reasonable test. Do not ask the applicant to code the program or to design sketches for advertising banners. Few applicants would agree to spend a lot of time without a guarantee of future employment.