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Most Russians recommend their friends and relatives as applicants for a job

According to a survey conducted by the Superjob Research Centre, 52% of Russians recommended their friends or relatives as applicants for a job.

Men help their friends by 7% more than women. 34% of young people under 24 recommend their friends, among respondents over 45 years - 64%. Only 15% of referees noted that their protégé could not get a job. This indicates that recommendations are very effective.

Employers listen to older employees' advice more often. 89% of applicants recommended by respondents older than 45 years get a job. However, 81% of applicants recommended by employees under the age of 24 years also get a job. Recommendations for job placement are the most effective in the field of banking (92%), sales (90%) and industry (90%).

Only 25% of respondents regret that act as referees.