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Is higher education needed in cleaning?

Recently, Russian New University, together with the Association of Russian Cleaning Companies presented an educational program "Service in the cleaning industry." Since June 2015applications could be send to take part in the training of specialists in cleaning.
However, the attitude to higher education in cleaning is still an ambiguous. Some experts believe that higher professional education in this industry is not needed, because managers can get all the necessary theoretical knowledge in economics, management and psychology at any university. And this knowledge will be enough to work in the field of cleanliness.
But most experts believe that the quantity of qualified specialists is not enough. In addition, the emergence of specialized education will give a new push to growing of cleaning market in Russia. Also most of the students will come to this profession not for the Diploma itself (because it not prestigious), but with the understanding that in this industry they can pretty quickly make a career.
It's prooved by the Western experience where the Cleaner is an honorable profession (especially in Finland). Experts recommend in addition to the classical disciplines of management and cleaning techniques, to make compulsory subjects on operating machinery, because many managers and cleaners often break machines just because they don't know how to use it.