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How to get a job after the break period?

There are a lot of reasons to break a career: maternity leave, travel, education, and so on. After the break an applicant needs to find a new job. How not to become lost among the other applicants?

When you create a new CV, remember the one thing: a recruiter should realize that despite the long break you do not lose your skills and possibly improve them. You do not need to think up the companies which do not exist. The lid will be off.

What should you put in the CV? Perhaps while you were not working, you could get additional education or tighten up foreign language. The CV should explain why there was the career break. Define more precisely whether a problem is solved.

Superjob Research Center conducted a survey according to which almost 16% of HR-managers believe the career break can be valid for the following reasons: moving to a new place of residence, birth of a child, illness of loved ones, etc. 9% of them believe the career break can be valid because of rigorous selection of new work places. 7% of experts believe that additional education or training are the best reasons for the career break.

If you come for a job interview, remember that the main task is to destruct the stereotype of your incompetence. Prepare for the interview, examine the information on the company, make a good self-presentation. Show your knowledge about new market trends, changes in legislation, the names of influential people in your professional environment. In other words, you should look as a real professional.

Good luck!