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How to choose the right sales auxiliary

Sales auxiliary strongly influences the customer perception of the store.  That's why this choice should be treated wisely.

The selection of the sales auxiliary should be based on 3 factors: store concept, requirements to the goods storage and the merchandise turnover. So, small grocery stores could use shelves up to 2 meters high and 50 cm depth.

Chain stores need deeper shelves with good capacity. Normally they use shopping shelves, integrated with storage shelves: stock of goods is hold in pallets on top of the shopping shelves. Thus minimized the cost of maintaining the warehouse and moving the goods from the place of storage to the place of sale.

Also, there are medium format shelves («cash & carry»). They are different in the way to store the goods: on the upper shelves in boxes or individually, but not in pallets. This format helps to quickly fill the shelves at high merchandise turnover.

Regardless of the format of the sales auxiliary, it must be of high quality. Therefore, we recommend to purchase sales auxiliary from trusted manufacturers.