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How to Keep Your Business in Crisis Times

Here are few tips that will help you to save money during the crisis:
1. Don’t rent an office
This might help to reduce your expenses up to 15%. If this is still impossible, you can just find a cheaper office. The majority of entrepreneurs think that if their employees work at home, they will turn less efficient. This is not true: just focus on employing highly responsible professionals.

2. Employ people from remote regions
Salary rate is normally lower there. As for controlling working processes, you can use Skype or CRM.

3. Use outsourcing whenever you can
For example, in accountancy outsourcing can reduce your expenses up to 30-80%. However, you need to find a reliable recruiting agency or a well-reputed company. Otherwise the quality level of the outsourced processes will decline.

4. Automatize as many operations as possible
Automation helps to reduce the prices of your products or service. Automatized production processes and electronic paperwork make a vital necessity. This facilitates information processing, makes decision-making much faster and improves your control over business processes at all stages.