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How to Avoid Unemployment

Many companies cut their staff in terms of crisis. Current prognosis amounts about 30% of the service segment professionals to lose their jobs in the nearest future. On the other hand, some companies don`t fire their employees, they just optimize their staff by the means of outstaffing. That is why the employees who are already fired or have just faced this menace should contact some HR-agency.
Outsourcing and outstaffing are becoming more and more popular nowadays, because they help to save social compensation funds and reduce taxes. All responsibility for the personnel lies upon HR-agency. Moreover, in this case the board of the company don`t have to care about the time-management of the employees’ working hours.
The employees also benefit from this strategy. They can work part-time, use flexible schedule or even work at home. All their rights are stated by the contract with the agency. The principal advantage here is just the opportunity to earn money.