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How to Generate Leads with BTL-advertisement

In recent years most companies use Internet advertising. Castomers are bored with commonplace gifts. However, it is not necessary to conclude that the souvenir advertising does not work anymore. The thing is only correct approach.

It is difficult to select target souvenirs. They should be more creative, otherwise the money will be wasted.

To avoid this, you should find a "highlight". For example, you can use popular digital-souvenirs. However, flash cards and smart phones cases are now also attributed to the category of "hackneyed souvenirs".

In addition, design is important. Design largely determines the creativity of a souvenir. Of course, the design should be based on corporate identity. But the main thing is to create a work of art!

In a crisis, the cost of creative souvenirs should not be high. To reduce the budget you must:

But souvenirs for key partners should always be excellent!

Be aware that any souvenir should: