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Fierce discussion on the future of outstaffing in Russia

All-Russian Conference "Temporary staff: the prohibition of "borrowed labor "in Russia." was held in St. Petersburg. The government and HR market plunged into discussion on the Federal Law № 116-FZ.

With its adoption some provisions of the Labour Code will be changed . The law will come into force next year. It explains the term "borrowed labor".

According to this law, the "borrowed labor" is considered as job that is carried out on the instructions of the employer and under control of the organization that is not his employer. Since 2016 only agencies work which will have passed the accreditation procedure can provide "borrowed labor".

This procedure of accreditation was the greatest interest of conference participants. The reason is simple - before this procedure was not simple.

Requirements for HR agencies are as follows:

Agencies will be accredited for 3 years. Then it can be extended. It may also be suspended or revoked. In the latter case, you can apply once again a year later.