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Christmas time merchandizing

To fulfill festive sales plan, it is necessary not only to attract the potential customers, but also to make them buy as much as possible. More precisely, to make them buy excessively, because festive season creates a mood when it`s enough just to push people a little to make them buy a lot. Merchandizing has a leading part in this process.

First, festive mood should be created. Provide Christmas decoration for the sales area and turn on cheerful music. Do not choose slow melodies, you have to create certain rhythm.

Then, follow the rules of placement for the complementing products. Festive kits make an ideal solution that works much better that actions like “buy three pies and get the fourth for free”. Thoughtful combinations should be available. For example, it`s better to make a kit of a tie and a razor, than of a razor and a shaving foam.

It`s obvious that all seasonal products are no longer actual when the New Year Day is over. It`s quite easy to get rid of them: start the “liquidation” action, by offering maximum discount to your customers.