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Advantages of Product Tastings in Stores

It is better to try once than to see hundred times. Marketers use this fact providing customers with the opportunity to try and test the product, and then to decide to buy it or not. Product tastings are are gaining increasing popularity in the stores. For companies it's the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their goods and for consumers - to try the products.

Tasting is an indicator that the manufacturer is fully confident in their products. Tasting allows to awake customers' interest and to introduce them a new product. Then the manufacturer can plan additional sales and promotion of the brand name. Marketers believe this kind of advertising works without a hitch as tastings give customers a new experience. If customers like the product, they make a purchase.

Then the word of mouth begins to act. The customer will tell about the product to his (her) family and griends. The demand for the product will become more and more.

No wonder this kind of advertising has gained such popularity, as the opportunity to try the product is one of the decisive factors influencing on the decision to purchase. In a highly competitive environment it is important to use every opportunity for promotion, including tasting. A large number of new companies begin their promotion in this way.